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Château De Montifaud

Chateau De Montifaud - Heritage Louis Vallet 50 Year Old Cognac


This is a blended cognac which is at least 50 years old. The vineyard is located in the Petit Champagne area of France, near the west coast. This is distilled slowly with all the sediment and flora giving it the ''eau-de-vie'' or ''Wine Spirit'' which is renowned in this region. The distilling of the wine and blending is all done on site by 2 people, Michel & Laurent and no one else. This is some of their oldest stock, with a deep amber colour, and a nose and palate comprising or sweet nutty flavours like walnut & apricot, and all round smooth tasting experience. This bottle comes in a silk lined, wooden box, with a certificate of authenticity & a replacement cork for when the old one has been taken out.

Producer                  Chateau De Montifaud

Region                      Petite Fine Champagne

Type                           Heritage Louis Vallet Cognac

Alcohol                     40% vol.

Bottle Capacity        700ml

Closure                     Cork

Grape Varieties        Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, Colombard

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